Is the robot vacuum really helpful?
07.31.2021 | 2nice | robotic vacuums

A friend once asked me if your robot vacuum cleaner is really easy to use? As soon as I heard this, I knew that she was more interested in sweeping robots, but I didn’t understand it. I replied that it was okay. Basically it can clean the floor, mainly under the bed and under the sofa. The sweeping robot is the most suitable. ; She heard me say this and agreed with her, saying that every time her house cleans these places, it takes a lot of effort. I told her a lot about the experience and precautions of using the sweeping robot. In fact, the use of sweeping is not as simple as we said. It is actually very easy to buy. But if you want it to really play a role, this is not only a problem with sweeping robots, but users must also know how to use it.

Many people choose the way of sweeping robots: to choose a good and expensive one, to choose a planning style with good navigation ability, to choose a large suction, to choose a large battery capacity... It is undeniable that these choices are correct. Yes, I have used a sweeping robot before. It has a certain problem in cleaning. Finally, I wanted to choose another one. So I paid special attention to the defects of the previous one. As a result, I bought a new sweeping robot. The original defect did not exist, but a new problem was discovered. What I want to express here is that there are actually many factors that affect a sweeping robot. Here we will not go into details one by one, because that is endless. Things in the new era are changing every day. It may be like this today, and it will be changed tomorrow. When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you must first start from your own situation. This is a bit solemn to say, but it is true. The main points are as follows:

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1. Clean up the home environment when using the sweeping robot.

Although the sweeping robot is a smart product, it cannot think like a human being. When an owner who likes to throw stinky socks into the ground is a nightmare of the sweeping robot, the sweeping robot will suck out the socks like trash, and the result is I choked myself to death. In this case, the sweeping robot can only ask for help like the owner. When the owner rescues it again and again, there will be two results. One is that the owner realizes his own problem and corrects the bad problem of throwing stinky socks everywhere; the other is that the owner thinks the robot cleaner is not easy to use. I have to help myself at every turn, and I can't connect with intelligence at all. Since then, the sweeping robot has become more and more marginalized, and the house has become increasingly messy.

In addition to throwing stinky socks on the work of the sweeping robot, there is also the fact that the objects in the home should not be messed up and cannot block its normal work. For example, the gap between the table, chair, leg and stool is too small, which makes the sweeping robot unable to clean at all, and the wires should not be random. It is easy to entangle it when placed. These are the places that users have to cooperate with it in their daily lives. Only when the sweeping robot and the user have reached a tacit understanding can a win-win situation be achieved.

2. Choosing a sweeping robot does not necessarily mean choosing the best one, just the one that works well.

Many people choose sweeping robots to think that only the most advanced sweeping robots are the best. Of course, the best sweeping robots on the market today are those with autonomous planning capabilities. The cleaning efficiency of this sweeping robot is much higher than that of planned sweeping robots. In the daily promotion of many businesses, the planning style is often praised, and the random style is derogatory to nothing. This actually misleads many consumers. Today, I need to clarify that it’s not that random sweeping robots are useless. If you know that anything exists, it has its value.

When you work in a field and live in a 20-square-meter rental house, because you don’t have the energy to clean your home at work, and you want to get a robot cleaner, then the author recommends buying a random type at this time. The reason is that it’s cheap. For a 20-square-meter house, even if it is a random sweeping robot that relies on luck to cover and clean, it will not take long, and it will not waste much electricity. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy a planned one; if you live The environment is very large, and there are many rooms in the home layout. At this time, the planned sweeping robot is suitable for you.

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3. Don't think that you can really free your hands by buying a robot cleaner.

Although smart sweeping robots are very common nowadays, like the 2nice robot vacuum cleaner, which has automatic charging, collision prevention technology, and multiple cleaning modes, sometimes you still need to participate in it yourself.

This is a question of mentality. When the same thing is in the hands of different people, the evaluation is often different. When the expectations are seriously inconsistent with their own, consumers often feel that they have been cheated, and it is inexcusable to exclude product quality problems. Many people think that the sweeping robot is not easy to use. In fact, the root cause is that they have not understood it. The sweeping robot intelligence can only solve the cleaning problem to a certain extent. This also requires the owner to know how to use it and eliminate everything that prevents it from working. Therefore, there is no real liberation of your hands. Sometimes there may be leftovers after cleaning. At this time, the owner is required to help complete it.

The above are some of the experience I have used 6 vacuum cleaners. During the application process, the author realized a truth. When I think this thing is useless, it is actually useful because others are using it very well. ; When you are disappointed with something, it may be that you really don’t understand it, you simply don’t have the ability or are not ready to apply it.


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