What is a robot cleaner?
07.27.2021 | 2nice | robotic vacuums

What is a robot cleaner

At present, with the continuous development of intelligence, intelligence has been fully reflected in our lives. Speaking of intelligent life, the existence of sweeping robots is of course indispensable, but sweeping robots may rarely be heard by you. So, what is a sweeping robot? 

The body of the sweeping machine is a wireless machine, mainly disc type. Use rechargeable batteries to operate, the operation method is the remote control, or the operation panel on the machine. Generally, you can set the time to make an appointment for cleaning and recharge by yourself. There is a sensor in the front that can detect obstacles. If it hits a wall or other obstacles, it will turn on its own. It will take a different route according to the settings of each manufacturer and plan to clean the area. (Some earlier models may lack some functions) Because of its simple operation and convenience, it has gradually become popular nowadays, becoming a common household appliance for office workers or modern households.

Robotic technology is becoming more and more mature nowadays, so each brand has different research and development directions, and has special designs, such as: double vacuum cover, attached hand-held vacuum cleaner, dust box can be washed and mopped, can put fragrance, or It has functions such as photocatalyst sterilization.