Why Choose 2NICE WT10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
07.26.2021 | 2nice | robotic vacuums

2NICE robot vacuum is developed using cutting-edge technology to meet various clean needs. Our team always focus on robotic vacuum cleaners and other smart appliances, to help people have more time to enjoy their lives. We're committed to creating great products that help millions of families around the world to enjoy better life.


  • Ultra-compact body design
  • Smart dynamic navigation
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Automatic return charging
  • Long cleaning time
  • 1800Pa strong suction


Note: 2NICE WT10 robot vacuum cleaner is recommended to use on hard floor and low-pile carpet, not recommended to use on high pile carpet.

Premium Brushless Motor

Using brushless motor with suction up to 1800pa, 2NICE WT10 automatic robot vacuum ideal for hard wood floor and carpet.

vacuum cleaner robot

Entanglement Free

With powerful suction passage, the smart vacuum robot cleaner picks up dirt, dust and hair without tangling. Never worry about cleaning hair from a roller brush.

remote vacuum robot

Large Anti-spill Dustbin

500ML dust bin supports longer cleaning sessions. Easy to take out from the vacuum robot. It comes with a washable HEPA filter, keeping your home have fresh air.

smart robot vacuum

Ultra-high Battery Capacity

The robot vacuum can run for about 100 minutes per charge, approximately 1100 sqft. Ideal for big house and multi-room.

robot vacuum with mapping technology

5 Smart Clean Modes

5 clean modes of the smart robotic vacuums are: Auto/Spot/Edge/Manual/Zigzag. Freely switch between different modes and power levels as you want.

robot vacuum pet hair

Automatic Charging

The robotic vacuum can automatically return to the charging base when the battery gets low. Never worry about running out of power.

robot vacuum pet hair carpet

Anti-collision Technology

The robot vacuum adopts advanced anti-collision technology to avoid bumping into obstacles so that it can clean under and around furniture without help from you.

robot vacuum pet hair hard floor

Anti-drop Technology

With anti-drop sensor technology, you won't worry about cleaning. The floor vacuum robot can detect your stairs to avoid falling down them.

robot vacuum cleaner carpet and hard floor

robot vacuum pet hair mapping

Most Frequently Asked Question


  • Why the robot vacuum is lack of suction power?

The default setting of the suction power is in [Normal Level], which is suitable for hard floor and low-pile carpet. You can manually increase the suction power to [HIGH Level] by the remote or APP for best performance.


  • How to use the mapping function?
  1. Connect the robot vacuum with our Gosund App
  2. Click the 'Zig-zag' mode button in the APP to start cleaning
  3. Click the 'map' button in the APP, you can see the real-time cleaning route of the robot vacuum


NOTICE: The mapping feature can not recognize your home for positioning. It can only display a real-time route. The map can help you know the cleaned areas and the status of your robot vacuum.


  • What do we need to do if the robot vacuum network setup is not successful at first time?

If the network setup is unsuccessful at first time, you only need to restart the device, and after the second connection the network setup will be completed.