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What does the packaging box of robot vacuum include?

It includes robot vacuum WT10, dust bin, docking station, charger, efficient filter, remoter, 4 side brushes, manual and warranty card.

What is the diameter of robot vacuum?

It is 280*280*76MM.

What is the battery capacity of robot vacuum?

Its battery is a 23WH Lithium iron phosphate battery.

What is the capacity of the robot vacuum?

Its capacity is 500ML.

What are the components of the bottom for the robot vacuum?

The robot vacuum has 2 driving wheels, 2 universal wheels, 2 side brushes, 3 anti-drop sensors and 2 charging contacts.

What controls are supported by the robot vacuum?

It supports APP control, voice (Alexa, Google Home, etc) and remoter control.

What are the levels of suction for the robot vacuum?

3 levels: high, low, medium levels. The default is medium.

How long can the robot vacuum work?

It can work 90-110min at full power, which is varied based on the suction levels.

What are the functions of power button?

1. Pairing to the APP 2. Press Start/Pause button in standby mode to start thorough cleaning; press the button to pause at work; press the button twice in a row to recharge; 3. Press to wake up the robot vacuum when it is at sleep mode.

How about the voltage and current for the robot vacuum at work?

Its rated voltage at work is: 19V 0.6A 11.4W.