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How to quick start the robot vacuum?

Click here to check the tutorial video for details

How to use the remote control?

Click here to check the tutorial video for details

How to connect the robot vacuum to WIFI/APP?

Click here to check the tutorial video for details

How to enter the sleep mode?

It will enter sleep mode without operation for 5 mins when it is paused.

How to wake up the robot vacuum at sleep mode?

Press the power button or press any key on the remoter or App to wake up the robot vacuum

How much noise does the robot vacuum make when it works?

While cleaning, the noise of medium level suction is about 60 dB

Does the robot vacuum support sloping ground?

It supports slope no more than 15 °

How to pair and use the robot vacuum?

1. Turn on the power. 2. Download the Gosund app, register and log in. 3. Add Small Appliance - robot vacuum. 4. Start operation under 2.4GHz wifi following the pairing prompts. 5. The binding is successful. You can check the tutorial video for details.

What are the cleaning modes?

The robot vacuum has 5 cleaning modes: automatic mode, Zig-Zag cleaning mode. spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, manual control mode.

How long does the robot vacuum charge?

It takes about 3.5 hours for the robot vacuum to be charged fully.

How does the robot vacuum charge?

After cleaning, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the docking station. While charging, the pink indicator switches to blue and blinks. The blue indicator turns off when the robot vacuum is fully charged.

How to connect to Alexa?

1. Open the App, click the device icon and enter the device control panel (Bluetooth devices must be equipped with Bluetooth gateway to be synchronized); click the top right button to enter the device settings page; 2. Under the "supported third party control", you can view the third party robot vacuum supported by the device; click the Alexa icon (if it is not found, it means that the device does not support it); 3. If you failed to connect your robot vacuum to Alexa echoshow, you need to contact the device seller to activate the function for you, as the function is mostly turned off for your privacy; 4. After redirecting to the connection page, bind following the App instructions; 5. An Alexa account can be bound to only one App account. An error will be reported if it is bound repeatedly, ; 6. If you can't find the skill of the App in Alexa, it may be that the skill doesn't support your region. Please contact the seller for confirmation; 7. If your device has been offline, upgraded firmware and completely powered off recently, you need to repeat step 6 to add the device again, otherwise it may not be able to operate through a third-party smart speaker (upgrading firmware and completely powering off may cause being offline. When the device is online again, sometimes the third-party smart speaker can't get the real-time status of the device, so the third-party smart speaker may take your device as still offline. This can be solved by adding it again).

How to connect to Google Home?

1. Make sure that it can be controlled normally in the Gosund app. If not, restart the device and pair it again; 2 Enter the main control interface of the Gosund app, click the icon with pen in the upper right corner to confirm that the Google assistant is in supported third-party control. If not, device ID is required to confirm. 3. Open Google home app - create a home - add device (speaker) - add Gosund energy saving and confirm whether there is a speaker and corresponding device on the homepage.

How to clean the robot vacuum?

Click here to check the tutorial video for details For details, please refer to part 3.2 and 3.3 of the manual. It is recommended to clean side brushes every 2 weeks. For efficient filter, universal wheels, infrared anti-collision sensor, charging contacts and docking station, it is recommended to clean once a week.

How to place the docking station of robot vacuum?

Please put the docking station in an open place aginst to the wall, with a radius of 3ft/1 meter. Please make sure that there is no shelter within 60° in front.